There are many blogs created for sugar art enthusiasts, but Sugarhouselife is different. Unlike most blogs, we will be posting step-by-step guides in writing and in videos to our readers. This will help them follow the instructions better. Also, expect more from this blog.

We will teach you how to make:

Pulled sugar. This thing isn’t easy to make, but we can make it simple for you. We’ll teach you how to make pulled sugar and sculptit into different shapes and sizes. If you fancy a teddy bear, don’t worry. We’ll help create one for you. A teddy bear that you can also eat, why not.

Blown sugar.

If you want to create cakes or balloons out of sugar, we’ll teach you how to. This is also ideal for creating animals and flowers. We have loads of recipes for blown sugar that you can use for birthday parties. Need a cake this weekend? Check our blog. Look for the category “blown sugar” to view the different recipes for it.

Cast sugar.

If you want a more structured pieces, use cast sugar.
This sugar produces sturdy art. You can also use cast sugar for creating a simple birthday cake.


This is still sugar, but it’s similar to a gum paste. You can create different shapes with a pastillage sugar, however the sugar becomes brittle and hard when dried. You can’t use Pastillage for birthday cakes. This type is best for creating candies.

Rock sugar.

It’s called rock sugar, but it’s blended with a royal icing. The mixture will cause the icing to expand which will make it bigger. It is then poured to a dish and placed on a chiller.
Spun sugar. You can make bird nests with spun sugar.

Key features of this blog

Unlike many blogs on sugar art, we provide different recipes for different occasions. Do you need sugar art for Halloween? For Christmas? We have it for you. That’s what makes us unique from the rest. We have basically everything that you need. We can even teach you make a Japanese candy man or The Ameya. This is very popular in Japan because of its history. We can teach you how to make them. You may choose to eat it, or sell The Ameya.

Sugar painting. This is from Chinese folk art. Hot, liquid sugar is used in creating two figures. Sugar painting is very popular with the kids. We can teach you how to make this too.

Recipes are posted thrice a week

If you’re serious with sugar art, check this blog regularly. Do not miss our three sugar art recipes which will be posted thrice a week! On other days, we will be posting some tips on how to help you create the best sugar art. We will also provide you with some links that will be helpful to you. Of course, if you wish to see a specific recipe or to learn about a particular trick in making sugar art, just send us a message. If your question or request is actually interesting and something that we haven’t tackled before, rest assured you’ll see an article about it soon.

Sugarhouselife is not your ordinary blog. This blog is created by a group of sugar art enthusiasts like yourself. We’ve spent most of our waking ours creating sugar art, so we have the experience necessary to help out newbies who are still trying to find their way in this artistic pursuit. You can be assured that all of our recipes are tried and tested. You don’t believe us? Try creating one of our sugar art and see for yourself.